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Pink in Ink

Welcome to my little corner!

I am a huge lover of books, music, movies, photography amongst a list of other hobbies! I advocate for chronic illness and try to show what life is like as a young, disabled person. I also want to show that books can be an incredible way to escape from life’s struggles, even just for an hour.

A few years ago, I worked in the NHS on acute-care wards and then in operating theatres… I had a lot of time to learn the jargon, and not a lot of time for anything else. Then my body decided to press the fast-forward button and I haven’t been able to work since. I decided to go back to things that made me happy again. I reignited my love for art, learn more about theoretical science and astrophysics, and, obviously, do a lot of reading!

I wanted to start sharing my book recommendations because a lot of the driving force to buy a book is the buzz around them, who’s read it and what they thought. Without these reviews, reading can become pretty repetitive and boring. Especially when you keep picking up books that didn’t meet your preference.

I have always been very drawn to fantastical, sci-fi settings but I also love a good crime thriller fiction. I’ve started to dabble in the pool of contemporary fiction and I’m very much enjoying the change of pace in between the heavy topics or large, detailed high-fantasy.

I’ll be sharing my reviews of any and all books I’ve read with my star rating. I hope to also be able to share with you what books I’ve bought every once in a while and why I bought them along with a few other topics of bookish conversation. My brother may be the Reverend of Rock but I’m the bibliophile of the family!

If you have a review for any books, audiobooks or e-books that you’ve loved (or hated… we know it happens), click to ‘Submit your Review’ and fill in the form! For anything else, click on my logo and contact me via my website.

Click here to go to my website!

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