Stewart Pink

Stewart Pink

The Reverend of Rock

Music, Film & TV Editor

Welcome to my little place in a virtual space.

Professionally, I’m a writer of words, occasional teller of jokes and a presenter of radio. Unprofessionally, I’m an absolute boss at lego, a certified air guitar hero and an expert in Jedi studies.

I’ve played guitar for as long as I’ve been tying my own shoe laces and while others were skipping college lessons to kick a ball around a field or doing flips at the local skate park, I was rocking out in the studio. Sadly, the breakthrough album never came… but there was only so much you could do with an acoustic guitar and a Windows 95 computer.

I used all my qualifications in English, Music & Performing Arts to great effect in a “proper job” managing hospital IT projects for many years until one day the urge to be a standup comedian disrupted my guaranteed path to endless riches and a long, boring career.

A couple of years into learning the laugh craft I found myself gigging all over the capital and at the helm of two weekly radio shows with a few short stories up my sleeve and my own anthology of poems in my arsenal. 

Now, I’m proudly dubbed The Reverend of Rock and not just because I present a heavenly rock show on Phoenix FM called the #AsYetUntitledRockShow, it’s an official title resulting from an elaborate and successful scheme to get cheaper car insurance as a fully ordained Reverend. Amen to that.

Growing up on a diet of great music, good movies and no small quantity of video games I’ve gained bags of experience as a consumer of entertainment. Plus, after several years with a 5 hour daily commute I’ve probably spent more time watching, listening and playing than any average 30-something should.

If you’re a musician with a new EP or album, if you’re part of a new film or TV show, if you’ve just published, performed, produced or invented something you’d like featured, or to discuss advertising and business opportunities for Bushtus then you can get in touch with me using the form on the contact us page.

May the force be with you.

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