An Unwanted Guest

Books, Pink in Ink
Shari Lapena

Rating: 2 out of 5.

“As the guests arrive at beautiful, remote Mitchell’s Inn, they’re all looking forward to a relaxing weekend deep in the forest, miles from anywhere. They watch their fellow guests with interest, from a polite distance.            Usually we can avoid the people who make us nervous, make us afraid.              With a violent storm raging, the group finds itself completely cut off from the outside world. Nobody can get in – or out. And then the first body is found . . . and the horrifying truth comes to light. There’s a killer among them – and nowhere to run.             Until we find ourselves in a situation we can’t escape. Trapped.”

 I desperately wanted to like this book. After making it to the halfway point, I just completely lost interest and decided to put this in my DNF category.

The plot and setting showed real promise of a good thriller reminiscent of an Agatha Christie novel, but it just fell flat.

I found the writing style to be too simplistic with too much information. I have read countless books where there is little information given about characters but is enough to give an impression of that character, allowing it to come to life in the readers mind and form a personality, mannerisms, a voice, and depth. All of the characters felt very two-dimensional and mono-tonal with very little to them.

The style of writing reminded me of short stories we write in middle school where it has an understanding of what we want to achieve but not enough time or energy to make it anything substantial, so rush through it.

I came up with three different ways this story could have played out that would have been far more interesting while I was reading.

As I’ve said, my compliments of this book is the setting of the tale and the blurb. I am hoping, once I get the chance, that other novels by this author are much better.


368 pages

Pubished – 16th May 2019

Publishing company – Corgi

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