Queen + Adam Lambert – Live Around The World Review

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Let’s get one thing straight, there’ll never be another Freddie Mercury. In the long, rich history of rock icons very few possess such a potent mix of talent and charisma. Queen’s legendary live performances were next level and nothing spells rock royalty like a caped, crowned Freddie marching around the stage with one fist in the air and the other clutching a mic still attached to half the stand. He’s irreplaceable, but as a great man once said, the show must go on. Brian May and Roger Taylor remain two of the greatest musicians out there, both with countless songwriting credits and a huge love and respect for their fans. For some, the thought of Queen + Adam Lambert might not sit right but for a Queen fan not to enjoy this album is like being at a BBQ and refusing to eat any of the meat because they don’t have your favourite sausages. Or perhaps worse, it’s like becoming a lifelong vegetarian in honour of the most amazing steak. 

As the title suggests, Queen + Adam Lambert Live Around The World is a collection of Queen’s biggest hits recorded over the course of several Queen + Adam Lambert tours. If you’re one of the 3,659,232 lucky ones to have had the pleasure of enjoying that experience live and in the flesh then you know exactly what to expect, if you haven’t then you’re in for a treat. 

Throughout the set list we’re transported to several different locations which makes for a great range of atmosphere, with tracks like Love Kills and Love Of My Life feeling incredibly “front row” and intimate while all the big hitters expertly capture the sensation of a packed out stadium rock concert. There isn’t much talking between the tracks and I felt the album benefitted from it, it’s a live compilation and we’re here for the music. The constantly changing location between songs doesn’t put the live album experience to any detriment as it all flows seamlessly and, subtly validates the phenomenal reach and impact Queen have around the world. Yes, of course there are pre-recorded Ay-Ohs from Freddie and every conceivable doff of the hat you could possibly expect but it does pack a couple of twists and I thoroughly enjoyed the extended version of Somebody To Love as much as 2016’s Isle of Wight Festival crowd seemed to. Adam’s performances strike all the right notes and tones both musically and in attitude, filling the rock world’s biggest shoes with all the respect they deserve while commanding the stage with all the confidence Queen fans are accustomed to. 

All in all, from the very beginning this album is a joy to listen to, culminating in a lasting impression that what we’re hearing is less of a collection of live renditions featuring the greatest hits and more a collection of moments celebrating the music of one of the greatest bands ever. While you’re listening to this, I encourage you to enjoy one of those moments with your eyes closed and embrace the sound of 100,000+ people singing along to such timeless songs. In that moment you’ll truly appreciate why Brian & Roger don’t want Queen confined to the history books, why they gave us a live album in a year they couldn’t tour and why Adam Lambert carries the weight of such an enormous task – a crazy little thing called love.

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3 thoughts on “Queen + Adam Lambert – Live Around The World Review

  1. At some shows the banter between Brian and Adam before they sing somebody to Love are absolutely hilarious I would like one album of just all of those

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  2. Such a joyous collaboration. You can feel the love and respect. I’ve seen them 12 times so far and would go again. Every show is just a little bit different but always fun.
    They are all such genuinely nice, good people that it’s only right that they found one another. By the way, I got to see Queen with Freddie just once, and it was phenomenal. But no one should sell Adam short. He is amazing.

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