Orianthi – O Review

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Orianthi has already cemented her place as one of rock’s greatest guitarists, touring and recording with some of the biggest names in the business; Alice Cooper, Carlos Santana, Michael Jackson and Stevie Vai to name just a few. For Orianthi, blazing a trail for the future women of rock is just another day but in the buildup to her fourth solo album “O” the weight of anticipation might’ve been heavy but it’s riffs, licks and tricks are even heavier!

“O” charges out of the gates with the appropriately titled “Contagious”, it’s the kind of infectious track diagnosed by uncontrollable foot stompin’ that nobody’s immune to. Much heavier than her previous albums from the very beginning, this is rammed full of killer riffs, slick licks and genuinely face melting solos.

“Sinners Hymn” was the first single to be released from the album back in August and its no wonder the anticipation for the rest of the album has been hotting up ever since, this track like so much of “O” ends in the kind of moment akin to the sound of a guitarist on fire – Orianthi’s Goldtop PRS Custom 24 not the only one hot around the neck! 

At about the halfway point we’re treated to something different, a little less gain and some heartfelt pain. The pace slows for a track destined for a stadium stage filled with dry-ice and lit by thousands of phones and lighters – “Crawling Out Of The Dark” is a raw, emotional ballad, an instant fit for any post-break-up playlist.

“Impulsive” brings back the feel-good by the bucket load, the second single from “O” which you’ll undoubtedly hear pumping the fun back into your radio rock-out complete with a memorable chorus, fist-pumping, singalong bridge and customary killer solo that could surely last 20 minutes in a live show! 

Orianthi can play guitar as if she was born with two arms, six strings and thirty fingers but her voice has never sounded better and “O” puts her vocals in the limelight more than ever before. The album ends with “Moonwalker” and aside from a short emotive, no thrills solo towards the end of the track the drums and a few synth chords are the only support in a song that underlines the fact that “O” has a voice – and you need to hear it! 

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