Changing the face of masks

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ACTIVE//SHIELD – Hybrid Respirator Mask by VINTA®

When the year started face masks were reserved for surgeons, children’s entertainers, Sith Lords and caped superheroes but if 2020 had a face, it’d be wearing a mask. Earlier in the year the entire world scrambled to manufacture an unprecedented quantity of cloths and shields to protect our healthcare staff, key workers and people from Coronavirus and in the midst of a global shortage just about any protection was better than no protection. But Covid upped the respiratory virus game and its time we upped the PPE game to combat it.

A standard, single use, surgical mask was never designed to protect people for more than an hour, yet survey your local supermarket and that familiar little sheet of paper with elastic sides can be spotted on just about every face in sight. While any mask is still better than no mask, the job our masks do has changed enormously and this poses new problems that need a new solution.

Enter the Active Face Shield, a first of its kind mask and shield in one designed to give maximum protection to the eyes, mouth and nose without compromising communication. 

This Kickstarter project aims to start shipping in April 2021 and features an aerodynamic design for active use, 1.75mm thickness premium grade polycarbonate shield that’s UV & scratch resistant with X-TYPE Anti-fog technology, and cooling vents that filter air in and out, capturing 99.97% of 0.3 micron particles. Easy to sanitise and designed to be reusable but still 100% recyclable the Active Face Shield won’t be contributing to the growing mountain of plastic PPE waste. 

To find out more about the Active Face Shield and back this Kickstarter project click here.

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