Levelling Up Virtual Reality Gaming

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A wireless & custom-fit Virtual Reality Haptic suit with full-body tracking

From the Playstation EyeToy to the Nintendo Wii, the future of gaming has always been an immersive virtual reality experience. VR goggles have made that vision a reality, in more ways than one, but while it’s pretty cool to immerse yourself visually into the game, there’s still a big gap between virtual and reality – but not for long.

Enter the Shockwave virtual reality haptic suit with full body tracking designed to level up your virtual reality gaming experience. You’ll soon be able to transform like never before into your favourite avatar with a wearable gaming suit that tracks your movements and 64 haptic points that let you feel those bullets, sword clashes and punches. Designed to sync up with your VR headset simply plug into your PC, don the last suit you’ll ever wear and step into a virtual reality experience that is truly game changing. 

This Kickstarter project aims to start shipping in June 2021 and is already compatible with a bunch of PC games with more on the way. What’s more, online multiplayer modes make “Black Mirror” seem like a historical documentary.

To find out more the Shockwave virtual reality haptic suit click here.

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