Twin Review

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Kristofer Hivju, Rebekka Nystabakk, Mathilde Holtedahl Cuhra, Gunnar Eriksson

Directed by: Erika Calmeyer, Kristoffer Metcalfe

When Erik, a cash-strapped beach bum loses his home/caravan he turns to his estranged twin brother Adam for refuge. Identical in their appearance but extreme opposites in every other way, their differences soon boil over. After Adam’s wife Ingrid brings a short and violent fight between the twins to an accidental but deadly end, Erik and Ingrid’s lives change forever as they attempt to conceal Adam’s death.

From the synopsis, you’d be forgiven for thinking the story seems a little far-fetched and perhaps the first episode or two may feel a little predictable. But Twin gradually unfolds over 8 episodes into one of the most memorable, twisty and brilliantly executed TV dramas you’ll see.

As Erik and Ingrid suppress the grief of their loss and go to ever increasing lengths to conceal the truth we are taken on an emotional and difficult journey that explores the real challenges of marriage, family life and loss amidst a fictional story that’s even more dramatic than it’s gorgeous setting.

Each character has their relatable and infuriating flaws yet they still command your empathy and you’ll find a bond with each of them. Kristofer Hivju’s portrayal of Erik brings this gentle giant of few words an air of vulnerability and could bring a tear to anyone’s eye in the climactic, heart wrenching church scene. Gunnar Eriksson’s determined and grief-stricken Frank breathes excitement into Twin’s investigative scenes while Rebekka Nystabakk’s Ingrid expertly balances the anger and frustrations of a struggling mother with a loving, take-charge personality.

Twin perfectly encapsulates everything there is to love about the “Nordic Noir” genre, a complex and emotionally charged story with a backdrop that’s as breathtakingly dramatic and stunning as its cast.

Filmed on location amidst the beautiful Norwegian mountains and fjords of northern Norway, Twin is set on the island of Sakrisøy and around the stunning Lofoten archipelago.

You’ll want to go as soon as you’ve seen it – click here to find out more for your travel plans.

Have you seen Twin? What did you think?

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