Among The Stars

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Coming soon to Disney+ this six part original docuseries series follows Nasa Astronaut Captain Chris Cassidy as he prepares for and embarks on one last space mission.

With intimate footage, personal video diaries and livestream footage — stationed both on Earth and in space — we gain a rare insight into the work of an incredible team of engineers, flight controllers and specialists who take on dangerous and awe-inspiring missions that quite literally push the limits of mankind.

Following the teams’ successes and failures over the course of two years, “Among the Stars” provides raw, behind-the-scenes access to the critically important NASA mission of repairing a $2 billion science experiment, the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer (AMS), which aims to reveal the origins of the universe. To repair the AMS, Cassidy and his team must undertake a series of complex spacewalks, but the story quickly becomes a tale about the broader team at NASA, their roles on this daring mission and the immense pressure to succeed as the mission becomes uncertain when the world goes into lockdown from COVID-19.

A front row seat on a mission to space blasting off 6th October

Filmed across the globe on location from NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston to the European Space Agency in Cologne to the Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency outside of Tokyo and the Russian Space Agency in Star City, the series captures the true scale of a global effort and goes beyond the spacesuit, as we are transported to meet other astronauts and engineers from around the world.

“Among The Stars” captures the last bastion of the previous era of space travel through shuttle astronauts, gives us a sneak preview into what the future holds with NASA’s plans to return to the moon, and how new commercial partnerships are pushing the agencies and mankind further into space.

“Among The Stars,” from Fulwell 73 premieres on Disney+ on 6th October.

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